How to recover your website from a Google penalty

If you are someone who owns a website or you are a blogger, then some things can negatively affect your website. One of them is a Google penalty. Google penalty is something that can ruin the rankings of your website if you don’t fix it correctly. So in this article, you will get information on what a Google penalty is and how you can fix it.

So before jumping to things like how the Google penalty affects your website and how to fix google penalty, you must know what a Google penalty is.

Basically with a Google penalty, your website ranking is negatively affected. Google penalty is given to a website when it is not up to date or not following Google search updated algorithms. It is also a result of using Black Hat SEO techniques, for example- spamming and bombing.

If you see a Google penalty on your website then there are some ways you can fix it youself or, if you prefer, you can use professional help. If you are living in the UK, then there are london seo services or a seo services company london to solve your SEO related problems.

How Google Penalty Affects Your Websites?

Google penalty is a horrible thing and it can affect your websites in several ways. Some of them are:

1- Less Online Presence

If you get a Google penalty and you are not doing anything about it, then your online presence will decrease. In simple words, your website won’t be visible to a lot of people.

2- SEO Will Not Work

No matter how great the SEO techniques you are using, if your website has a Google penalty then your pages and posts won’t rank.

3- Your Competition Will Rise

If you are at the top and you get Google penalty, then your rankings will decrease and your competitors will rise above you, making it difficult to rise back to the top without fixing that Google penalty.

Steps To Fix the Google Penalty

Some things can help you in fixing the Google penalty. You can also take professional help. If you are from the uk, then many London SEO services can help you in fixing your website. If you want to do it by yourself, then below are some things that you can do. There are many Google penalties. Some of the most common are:

1- Improper Linking

Making backlinks is a great way to increase your rankings but a lot of people overdo it, resulting in Google penalty. If you see your website is penalized for improper linking, then you should quickly remove all the negative links. To do this, you can use Ahrefs and Google webmaster tools and disavow all the negative links.

2- Scraped Content

If you receive a penalty for bad or poor content, then you should use thin content manual action to identify the affected pages and delete them to improve the condition of your website.

3- Stuffing Keywords

Keywords are important but you shouldn’t overuse keyword optimization. It is important to never stuff keywords. If you have received a Google penalty, then you must remove all the spam keywords and then use Google search console to index your website.


Google penalty is a very bad thing for your website and you should be careful if you have got one. It can affect your overall page rankings. So always be very careful about all the things mentioned and keep learning new ways to avoid these kinds of problems. If you want to learn more things, then the Disaster Management website has a lot of valuable skills that you can learn. Most of the information related to the Google penalty is mentioned above. Hopefully this article will help you understand the Google penalty better.